Scientific impact

This project targets an innovative proof of concept demonstration at TRL 6 of a telerobotic system for Remote Inspection/Intervention in unknown environments using an Optically linked HROV system. The foreseen technical impact is multiple:


It will provide evidence about the actual performance of the promising short-range high-speed optical modems in representative industrial scenarios. This is a key technology to achieve a tetherless HROV.

It will validate the approach of a tele-robotics system relaying on launching high level commands (Undock, Connect, Plan and Go to waypoint; Grasp and turn valve, etc…), to be performed autonomously by the OPTIHROV, providing the user with visual feedback of the outcome. To achieve it, OPTIHROV will exploit technologies developed in TWINBOT project which were demonstrated in a water tank (lab environment) and not integrated altogether. In this project, these technologies will be made more robust and a strong effort will be put on their seamless integration. Their joint work in the context of the RI3SA architecture will allow integrated demonstrations at TRL 5 and 6 for the first time.

It will pave the way advancing towards the future I-AUV in a safe and controlled way, exploiting the optical link for testing in a reliable way. The OPTIHROV technology will be used in following projects to advance towards the complete I-AUV concept.


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