VICOROB Research Group

Universitat de Girona

The Computer Vision and Robotics Research Group (VICOROB) of the UdG has a strong experience in the design and development of hovering AUV prototypes with high-resolution image mapping capabilities. 5 AUV prototypes have been designed during the last 10 years, all of them having a different conceptual design. During the last years the team has worked on the development of advanced image processing techniques for the 2D and 3D mapping of the seafloor, as well as with the fusion of these techniques with navigation data coming from state of the art navigation sensors (DVL, gyros, USBL) together with global optimization techniques to face large-scale maps. Map based navigation and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of underwater robots using both acoustics and/or video images is currently one of the main topics of research. VICOROB has also a long experience in intelligent control architectures and has contributed in mission control systems, behaviour-based architectures, robot learning and path planning for AUVs. Finally, the group has expertise in mechatronics and software integration.


Universitat Jaume I

His research interests center on the grasping and manipulation skills for any kind of artificial systems, especially on mobile manipulators. In order to succeed with uncertainty in unstructured domains, different perceptual capabilities are explored and some Artificial Intelligence approaches are investigating, including learning from experience and following a knowledge-based methodology. In particular, the main topics related with this research are: Multisensory based Grasping and Dexterous Manipulation, Human-Robot Interaction, and Wireless Communication, all of them applied to any kind of real scenarios.