OPTIHROV Objectives

Overall objective

OPTIHROV is a proof of concept project to demonstrate a tether-less,  OPTIcally linked Hybrid autonomous/Remotely Operated Vehicle aiming to replace light intervention ROVs operating at short distance from networked infrastructures. The system is conceived to cover the gap between current ROVs tethered to a Docking Station connected through a wireless buoy to a Shore Control Center and the dream of the future fully autonomous I-AUV. OPTIHROV technology proposes a new concept of operation to remotely operate a wireless HROV in unknown, potentially unstructured environments. Using an advanced HRI system the user will be able to launch generic vehicle-arm primitives based on the environmental perception.

Partners Role and Coordination

The complexity of the proposed system requires a multidisciplinary team including mechanical, electronics and computer engineers as well as experts in artificial intelligence, mathematics and telecommunications. To tackle this complexity, the project has been split into two sub-projects according to the expertise of each partner of the consortium and to the facilities they have available. Therefore, the main added value is the attainment of the devised objectives and milestones themselves, which would be impossible without the engagement of each partner. In addition, a few benefits of the coordination may also be pointed out: the synergies and cross-fertilization of ideas among members of the different groups, both seniors and juniors; the training in new fields for most members of the project; the strong interrelation between theoretical development and experimental verification; the visibility of the results that will be exposed from several points of view to different scientific forums; the generation of new technological solutions ready for transfer and, last but not least, the continuation of a fruitful cooperation between UJI and UdG, that have been working together in five National and one European project, since 2008, in the research area related to this proposal.

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